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Pursuing Excellence Through Education



We are an independent education consultancy company with no conflicts of interest. As a result, all of the advice which we give is impartial, always putting your interests first.

Scholasta has a clear ethos based upon the belief that genuine educational opportunities should be available to all regardless of background. The key individuals involved in the business all share this common philosophy and are passionate about helping a broad range of students to fulfil their true potential.

Our profile is perhaps a little unusual for an education company.

While we have access to the highest levels of academic expertise, we also benefit from individuals who have enjoyed highly successful careers and held leading roles in distinct professional areas. This means that the company is backed by individuals with proven expertise drawn from a broad range of backgrounds, providing highly complementary skills. Furthermore, because of the long-standing leadership roles of a number of the people directly involved in Scholasta, the company also has access to an enviable and extensive network of other highly ranked professionals. This provides an outstanding resource to the company and impacts practically every area of operation. It is perhaps manifested most obviously through the Insight Programmes which the company is developing (discussed briefly below). It is expected that these areas of activity will expand substantially over time, providing students with unrivalled access to top class expertise and highly valuable experiences.

The diversity of backgrounds within the company is an obvious strength. In addition, each individual has taken an active, long-term, role and interest in education and understands the vital role it plays in providing lifetime opportunities.

Scholasta is also pleased to draw upon specific expertise provided by others who share our passion for education delivery and the creation of opportunity which that can bring. A number of these individuals operate as freelance consultants and tutors or partner with Scholasta in a particular area of activity where there is common interest, for example, the provision of high quality services for disadvantaged students. We look forward to extending and deepening this collaboration.



Scholasta offers education support services from the age of seven upwards. Our emphasis for younger children is upon developing solid foundations in the core skills of Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. We promote the understanding of concepts over rote learning. As the core skills develop, we introduce additional topics designed to stretch each student thereby extending their understanding and allowing them to adapt their skills to more advanced problems. Needless to say, we seek to challenge each student well beyond the confines of the school syllabus.

We provide similarly structured support for GCSE and A-Level students.

For students applying to university, we are able to offer comprehensive support every step of the way. This can be particularly important to those applying to Oxford or Cambridge as the admissions process is particularly rigorous and, to many, appears quite daunting. Our expert consultants are able to offer advice specifically tailored to your own circumstances and can provide guidance with regard to course and, where appropriate, College selection.

Our consultants are available for preliminary discussions in order to answer any initial questions you may have. For those requiring a more in-depth discussion and assessment, we offer detailed one-on-one consultations.  To find out more, please visit our Consultations section.

We are committed to providing you with high quality advice and services tailored specifically to your needs. The key to this is flexibility. Therefore, while we offer comprehensive packages to provide a high level of support over an extended period, you are not at all constrained by this. If you prefer, we will work with you in order to meet your own specific requirements. Whether you need short-term subject support, more extensive mentoring or detailed help with respect to an application, you can decide which services you need and how regularly you receive such support.

However you choose to work with us, we measure our success by your own. Should you be thinking of applying to a top university, we will always provide you with our honest assessment of your prospects and provide you with our recommendations on the best way to achieve your goal.


In relation to certain subjects, we offer specific Insight Programmes. We are the only company of this type to offer services of this kind.

Insight Programmes enable students to meet established industry practitioners in order to gain valuable insights into the careers they may wish to pursue in the future. These events offer far more than simply providing careers advice.

Initially, our focus is on the legal and finance professions, the latter being particularly relevant for those studying Economics, Business or any other subject involving advanced quantitative methods.

On the Law Insight Programmes, you will study and discuss actual cases and engage in mooting (arguing a case 'competitively' against another participant, all under the watchful eye of a legal professional serving as the 'Judge'). In a limited number of cases, we are also able to offer practical experience whereby you may accompany one of our associate legal professionals to Court and, in very exceptional circumstances, you may have the opportunity of attending actual Chambers. For any aspiring lawyer or barrister, this experience is invaluable.

On the Finance-related Insight Programmes, you will hear how professional investors meet the challenges of managing investments in today's financial markets. While you are not expected to emerge with all of the 'tools' necessary to become successful investors, you will be given a valuable insight into the challenges which professional investors face on a day to day basis and how they adapt to those challenges.

As a second part of the programme, we are partnering with an investment management company in order to provide a financial market simulation platform which you will be able to use to get as 'close to the action' as you possibly can. In this part of the session, you will be using the platform to manage your own notional portfolios. You will be making buy and sell decisions in simulated 'real time', pitting your performance against that of your competitors. Don't worry, support will be at hand to guide you along the way (the buy and sell decisions will still be yours to make, however)!

This platform has been developed specifically for us by the investment management company and is adapted from an existing, highly advanced test- and training platform originally created, and used, by highly skilled quantitative investment management professionals. No other education company has access to anything remotely comparable.

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