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Many students find writing their personal statement quite an arduous task, and a disproportionately time-consuming part of their entire application.

It can be difficult to know how to make yourself stand out, especially when there are often six or seven other applicants vying for the same place. Many students write what they believe showcases their strengths, but aren't sure whether or not they have included what the admissions tutors will be looking for.

We offer one-to-one personal statement support to ensure that applicants are submitting the most compelling statement they can to their chosen universities. Some students only want a one-time review of their statement, whereas others, often those applying to Oxbridge, would like more continuous support. Many students end up composing seven or eight drafts before they are happy to submit the final piece.

If you would like to talk to us about the level of support you may require, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Our Senior Consultants look at hundreds of personal statements each year, and so they are well placed to advise on the overall strength of applicants in the same cohort.

Prices for a one-off review of a personal statement start at just £50, for which you would receive comments and suggestions for improvements you might like to make. This normally occurs within 72 hours of your submission to us. Alternatively, if you would like a more detailed appraisal of your overall application, you might like to book an Oxbridge or Russell Group Consultation with us, and select the option whereby you get a one-off personal statement review included in the Consultation. (Please see the "Consultations" pages for more information.)

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