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Scholasta has a simple aim: to enable students from any background and circumstance to achieve their full potential.

The key people in the company have enjoyed significant success in their chosen careers and all, regardless of specialisation, have a passion for education and its ability to transform lives through opportunity. As well as a commitment to delivering excellence, the senior members of the company are able to draw upon their own considerable expertise as well as an extensive network of professionals who share our core goals and objectives. These networks provide further depth, allowing the company to offer and deliver unique programmes in the education world.

Building upon its core assets, Scholasta also partners with selected consultants, tutors and other specialists who share our objectives. In some cases, these partners may be freelance, working with us on specific areas of our programmes where there is particular mutual interest.



Being independent means that we are able to give totally impartial, objective advice, putting the interests of students first, while our commitment to excellence ensures that we offer the highest levels of service and support.

An important element of our approach is flexibility. We recognise that students often require different levels and types of support at various stages throughout their education. As a result, in addition to offering defined packages, we are also happy to create tailored solutions according to specific needs and requirements.

Scholasta offers programmes for pupils of all ages from seven onwards. Tuition can be provided on an individual basis or, in some cases, in groups. Visit our "Tuition" page under the "Support" menu option to find out more. Mentoring programmes are offered for older students and are aimed  towards guiding a student through crucial examination stages, including GCSE and A-Levels, usually leading up to university application.

In order to determine the best approach for you, we normally start the process with a detailed review of your aims and current levels of performance. The specifics of this are likely to vary depending upon the current level of each student.

In relation to university entrance, this assessment usually takes the form of a one-on-one consultation. In other cases, a formal assessment of capabilities may also prove useful. Please contact us to discuss this further.

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