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A number of students in certain parts of England, Wales and Scotland, tend not to apply to Oxbridge even though they fit the academic profile.  Many of them lack confidence in their abilities, or they simply haven’t considered Oxbridge, or other good U.K. universities, to be a realistic option for them.

We are trying to redress this by offering to send our Consultants to schools across the U.K. to discuss applying to Oxbridge

or Russell Group Universities. In addition, they would explain the type of support which we may be able to offer on an on-going basis.

Subsequently, should any students wish to work with us in a broader capacity, this would likely be offered on a significantly discounted basis for those who do not qualify for the Access Scheme (for more information on our Access Scheme, please see that section under "Support").

We encourage schools and colleges who are interested in our Outreach Scheme to get in touch with us so that we can explore how we might work together effectively. 

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