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​Many of the courses at Oxbridge and other Russell Group Universities require students to sit admissions tests. Details of the specific tests applicable to each course are available on the relevent websites, along with suggested reading and a limited number of sample papers.

At Scholasta, we understand that many students feel apprehensive about the admissions test aspect of their application.  In many cases, the admissions test is likely to be the first examination a student will have encountered whereby questions are specifically designed to test the ability to apply knowledge, rather than simply assessing the quantum, of knowledge. It is essential that all students undertaking such tests prepare sufficiently to be familiar with the approaches required to tackle such problems speedily and effectively. ​This usually comes with guidance and practice.

We offer a range of support for students preparing for admissions tests, including the provision of our own mock tests, each one written by an Oxbridge graduate who specialises in preparing students for that very test.  In instances where the admissions test has only recently been introduced, we have written papers which we believe are in line with the standard, specification and scope of the material likely to be presented. 


We run admissions test course days for small groups of students led by experienced tutors. These typically take place in the final weeks leading up to the tests.  For students who would like more focused and intensive, tailored support, we offer one-to-one tuition, which is typically delivered over Skype. 

If you have any questions regarding the support we offer for admissions tests, please contact us.

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