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Bank holiday weekend in Cambridge!

“It’s so easy when you’re a student not to do things that are on your doorstep. It’s only once you’ve gone that you really start to think about all the things you could have done.”Stuart

Over the bank holiday weekend, two of our tutors, Stuart and Sheridan, decided to go back to Cambridge, their alma mater, to re-visit some of their old haunts.  They returned with so many tales to tell, that we thought it might warrant a short blog post.

Stuart read Mathematics at Trinity College, whereas Sheridan took Mathematics with Physics at Murray Edwards (she still calls it “New Hall”).  Like so many alumni, they feel strong College ties, and return to stay at their own Colleges whenever possible.

“It’s always a little strange to return to New Hall- almost bittersweet.  In a way, it’s as though I’ve entered a time-warp; I’m 18 again, and Cambridge is home.  Then I remember that that was over ten years ago, and I feel more like an outsider, but that doesn’t last for long.  One of the things I like about New Hall, and Cambridge more broadly, is that a fair amount of time may pass, but so much stays the same.  We may have a different College cat, and the accommodation has been extended, but the feel is very much the same, and we still have the best Porters!” – Sheridan

Returning to Trinity had a similar effect on Stuart, “It brought out the academic side of me.  Of course, I also felt nostalgic for my youthful, student days.  It’s hard not to feel lucky for studying there when you consider the history.” – Stuart

One of their first stops was the Cockcroft Lecture Theatre, where they started their time at Cambridge having Maths lectures six days a week.

“I still associate this place with Professor Gowers, and the fact that, from my very first week, I was being lectured by a Fields Medallist in Numbers and Sets.  I was completely in awe of him.  You could always hear a pin drop in his lectures.” – Sheridan

“Again, it reminded me of my youth.  It was also interesting to compare it with what I remembered.  I seemed to recall the facts, but my mental image was far off.” – Stuart

One of the things neither Stuart nor Sheridan did as undergraduates was walk to Grantchester.  As the weather was particularly good, and it was one of the things they had always intended to do, they made their way there.

“It’s so easy when you’re a student not to do things that are on your doorstep.  It’s only once you’ve gone that you really start to think about all the things you could have done.” – Stuart

“When I was at Cambridge, I always felt so lucky and proud to be there.  I was in a bubble, and I only fully realised just how special it was once I had left.  There was so much left to see and do.  I can miss it terribly at times.”Sheridan

When Sheridan went on to study Greats at Oxford, she researched Homeric influence on Word War I poets, but with particular emphasis on Wilfred Owen and Rupert Brooke.  She particularly enjoyed the trip to Grantchester, following in Brooke’s footsteps!

In the office this morning, we were joined by Sheridan who always brings back treats for the rest of us.  She clearly didn’t want the weekend to end, as she got out her Murray Edwards mug as soon as she got into the office!

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